About Agua8


Agua8 Art Rooms is founded on a two pillar concepts: on the one side, the space will be available to well established galleries to present their artists. On the other side emerging artists will be included to give them the opportunity to gain exposure in southern Switzerland and northern Italy.

Agua8 Art Rooms is not primarily a commercial undertaking seeking to maximize profits, it is rather the promotion of a cultural way of living, enabling socio-cultural exchanges. It is therefore my goal to promote events dedicated to all the one that consider art as the essential link to the esthetic and its consequent emotional implication.

The site:

Via Pasquale Lucchini 8, CH-6900 Lugano

Via Pasquale Lucchini is one of the most elegant and ancient city streets, where originally, in 18 th century, the upper class used to live. Now, all the buildings renovated, it harbors elegant offices, contemporary art galleries, lawyers, dentists and various professionals.

Within 10 minutes walking distance there is the Museo Cantonale d'arte, approximately 10 contemporary art galleries, the convention center and Lugano's new cultural center, LAC (Lugano Arte Cultura) offering concert/theatre hall and a museum.