MARYLART artist’s jewels are portable sculptures, designed and manufactured by international renowned artists. Through each of these creations there is a fusion between works of art and jewelry, thus giving life to small masterpieces. The challenge is clear and ambitious: to mold the three-dimensional art of the best and bravest famous international artists into long-lasting pieces of artwork, so that anyone can feel the amazing sensation of becoming an essential part of the exclusive masterpieces created by those artists.

A selection of Marylart’s collaboration projects can be found today in private collections and Museums all over the world, including Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, EDF Foundation in Paris, Musée du Temp in Besançon, Museum of Art and Design in New York and some pieces are currently shown in the world’s Art Museums itinerant exhibition “From Picasso to Koons: the artist as jeweler”, by Diane Venet.