In&Out Bodo Korsig e Judy Ledgerwood

18/11/2015 - 08/02/2016


Bodo Korsig lives and works in Trier and New York. He was born in 1962 in Zwickau, Germany, and studied sculpture and stone restoration in Berlin. Working within a broad range of artistic techniques and materials, including wood cut, drawing, painting, sculptural reliefs as well as photography and film, he has been known to use rather unconventional tools, such as a road roller to print extremely large woodcuts, or a chainsaw to create wooden images on the spot.
He uses sometimes even unconventional means such as road rollers, to print ultra-large-format woodcuts or creates his figurative sign made of wood with a chainsaw on the ground. Driven by the question of the structure of human perception and behaviors, the artist has begun many years ago to deal with neuroscience and behavioral research. He creates poetic, provocative, enigmatic and slogan-like images to existential themes of human existence.


Judy Ledgerwood lives and works in Chicago. She was born in 1952 in Indiana and she studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and in Chicago.
In Judy Ledgerwood’s paintings is expressed the tension between decoration and abstraction trough the feeling of joy. They are bright patterns, undulating like vertical waves at times, folding in on themselves at others, wrapping, and sometimes suspending their movements like fabric swinging from a laundry line.
Their colour combinations simultaneously make everything vibrate in our eyes, demonstrating that when it comes to creating movement in stillness, Ledgerwood is at the top of her game.